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How To Fill Your Practice With High Value Patients In 14 Days Without A Marketing Budget (Even If You’ve Never Run Ads Before)

How To Fill Your Gym In 90 Days With High Ticket Clients Without A Marketing Budget (Even If You’ve Never Run Ads Before)

Dr. James Neilson-Watt, CEO


  • PART ONE: Why the majority of practices don't make money because they're built on a broken business model and how the top 1% of practices in the world are actually running their new patient systems.

  • PART 2: How to get your NEW patients to pay for your marketing spend and MORE so you can outspend your competition and fill your practice to capacity without worrying about a marketing budget.

  • PART 3: How to turn your new patients into "lifers" through our YES formula framework - turning cold, symptom focused people into raving fans that truly understand the deep level of value your service provides.

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