Practice Owners:

How to define your Ideal Clients & make Marketing, Sales & Retention easier...

Inside the Profit Profiler Framework You’ll Discover:

  • How to Identify the Top 3 Client Avatars that work best for YOUR business, the people you can help... and who will pay you for it...

  • How to get in the mind of your Clients and know What and How they Think…

  • The 5 key questions that will help you Know Your Clients so well that they feel like you are speaking directly to them in your marketing.

  • The Client Avatars to AVOID
    (especially if you want to grow your business)

  • How knowing your Client Avatar will ... unlock the secrets to lifelong retention, exceptional outcomes and limitless new clients, you must get clarity on this...

Some of our Practice Owner Clients

Health professionals don't serve everyone.

Let's just get that out of the way, because we used to believe it too and we were wrong.

You have skills that will deliver specific help & fulfil specific needs for a specific group of people.

The better you get to know that specific group of people:

The easier your marketing & sales will become...

The better your results will be...

And, the more ideal patient referrals you'll receive.

Your Ideal Clients are both the people you can help and deliver amazing value to...

...and the people who will pay you for the value they receive.

You have an ideal client whether you have defined them consciously or not, and defining them will help make your life easier.

With the Profit Profiler™ framework, you’ll discover how to Identify your Top 3 Avatars and get to Know Your Clients - so they feel seen, heard & understood all the way from your marketing to your in-person consults.

I’ve personally used the process for almost a decade, and our practitioner clients have used it to bring in upwards of 200 million in healthcare service sales.

Get your copy of the Profit Profiler™ framework today.

Here's what some of our coaching clients had to say...

Jonson Yousefzadeh

Owner at Direct Orthopedic Therapy

"Broke 40k/month for the second time ever, was a few thousand away from 50k.

I was at my previous high of 17,500 monthly revenue 6 months ago when I made the decision to start working with James 1-on-1.

It's brought up fears and assumptions I didn't realize were there...good news is I am seeing these limitations more clearly and because of that I can work through them one by one. "

Anthony DiSalvo

Licensed Acupuncturist

"I've had patients express to me how happy they were seeing the advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. It encouraged them to sign up and come in to the office.

It's wonderful to get patients with health conditions who may have never thought about acupuncture as a helpful solution before.

Feeling very grateful."

Anna Stuart


"I generated over $9,000 in revenue for February! Cash profit over $7,400 for this month.

Last month was $3,900 and $2,100 in cash profit. Profit margins 73% this month.

While I knew this was possible in this program, part of me did not know how I was going to pull if off.

I am so grateful to everyone's support, encouragement, and help."

About The Creators

Hey we're Delsey Daruwalla & James Neilson-Watt, Health Professionals, ex Practice Owners, coaches to over 500+ Practitioners, as well as being married with two little boys.

We're also the creator of Practice Owner Academy where we coach Health Professionals (like Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Psychologists, Nutritionists, Nurse Practitioners etc) with how to attract more qualified cash patients (insurance too), increase cashflow, build systems and teams, and scale growth smoothly.

With the Profit Profiler™ framework, you’re going to discover who your Ideal Clients are and how to get them into your practice with ease... oh and you'll (at least) 2X patient retention.

After you’ve implemented our strategy using the Profit Profiler™ framework, we guarantee you’ll start seeing MORE clients that you LOVE to help, and who COMMIT & PAY because they are a great fit for your practice.

It’ll send your confidence, your team’s confidence, and your new clients confidence through the roof.

Excited to share this with you!


Practice Owners Across 12+ Countries....

$ 200,000,000

Added Revenue Since 2019

Rachel Siditsky



"In the past 5 months since going all-in with Patients & Profits, I have:

Gone from 12 patients per week to 37-40 per week.

Hired a Virtual Assistant.

Joined Legacy Mastermind to focus on growing my practice.

Found my own office space and signed a lease.

And put contracts together for two acupuncturists to join my practice."

Tom Roselle

Head Chiropractor at Calm Body Chiropractic

"Just done my books for the month. Previously, my best month's takings had been ₤3.5k, but averaging about ₤2/2.5k.

This month I took ₤7k after being in the program for three weeks!

Cassie Dominach

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

"Today I sold $3,248 of treatment plans, and the total revenue for the day was $3,710.

This has been my biggest day of sales ever, and I can't wait to see how the rest of this year finishes off.

Feeling super grateful for this program and the growth that I have already seen from it. "